Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Reminder: Mom's Pantry 2nd Anniversary Community Cookbook

At the HEART of what we do here at Mom's Pantry is YOU 

...and with that in mind, as Mom's Pantry approaches our second anniversary, we are making YOU the focal point of all that we do. 

In honor of the two years we've spent together, we are about to undertake the biggest co-op project we've done yet!

I've always believed that every family should have a cookbook, and since many of us have become just that -- family -- I would love to celebrate our 2nd anniversary by creating our own "family cookbook".

Deadline for submissions: Aug 31st 2014

Projected completion date: Sept 15 2014

How to submit:

1. Photographs are preferred, but not required. Your participation is what matters most. We would like to see as many of your submit as possible.

2. All text for the recipe must be in your own words, and not copied from an online or print source.

3. Please include ingredients and directions and if possible, servings, adaptions and possible variations and any other additional notes you think will assist someone else in making the recipe

4. Submitting your recipe confirms that you are granting permission for us to use your text and/or photo.

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