Friday, 18 July 2014

Summary of our Family Fun Potluck entries!

Family Fun Potluck Recipes

By Mom's Pantry

Recipes you're little Sous Chefs will love to help create and eat!

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu Bites

    By Mom's Pantry

    Tiny little hands will love to make these with you, and everyone will love them! Be sure to make a lot!

  • Rice and Weenies

    By Mom's Pantry

    A new twist on an old favorite, that kids are going to love!

  • Ice Cream Cone Cakes

    By Mom's Pantry

    How fun are these? Kids can choose their own flavors and personalize their decorations. Great for when you've got a crowd!

  • Watermelon Pops

    By Mom's Pantry

    Refreshing treat for kids, big and small.

  • Taco Cups

    By Mom's Pantry

    Just the right size for little hands to help make, and then eat.

  • Dirt Cups

    By Mom's Pantry

    Fun to make! Fun to eat!

  • Jello Jigglers

    By Mom's Pantry

    What child can resist these easy to make treats?

  • PB&J Cereal Bars

    By Mom's Pantry

    A peanut buttery layer atop of a chewy marshmallowy cereal goodness.

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