Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Come Join Us!

Welcome to Mom's Home and Pantry
Come join us!

We will lead you astray.
Just kidding…
We’ll lead you down a path of discovery, of adventure, of culinary exploration and perhaps down a wrong road or two, because above all else, we believe that nobody is perfect.
We’re just a couple of Mom’s with a lot of ideas. Some we’ve tried, and some we want to. We were once connected by marriage but now its our hearts that keep us bound. We raised our families side  by side. Between us we raised 13 children and a menagerie of animals while cultivating a friendship that transcends it all.
We hope you check back often, as we plan to make this our second home, and hopefully we’ll  be able to introduce you to the rest of the clan from time to time.
Til next time…

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mom, I love your new blog. I wondered, is that a photo of you in the kitchen?:)
    I look forward to ready some more nice posts from you and looking at all your recipes, and stories. (I loved the grandma's apron story very much too!).
    Good luck with your new 'baby',
    Mary from Lovefoodies